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What is LISEK.APP?

It’s a mobile shopping app. We deliver what you need when you need it. Groceries, baby stuff, health and beauty products, household essentials and pet food – all is available in 10-minutes.


Sounds great! Where will I find LISEK?


In Google Play and AppStore. You can find direct links on our website.

How does LISEK work?

It’s really simple:

  1. Download LISEK.APP from Google Play or AppStore.

  2. Register and enter your delivery address.

  3. Log in. Now you can add products to your basket.

  4. Done? Click basket icon and then “Zawołaj LISKA” button. Pay online, via PayU secure system.

  5. Wait 10 minutes for a courier.

  6. Happy with your order? Now you can invite your friends to shop in LISEK.APP so you could receive coupon codes worth 10PLN each.


Where can I find LISEK?

LISEK is just starting its adventure. Now you can find us in specific areas of Mokotów, Wola, Żoliborz, Muranów and Wilanów. The exact LISEK’s delivery range you can check on the map below or in our app –  by clicking “address” in home page.

Are you going to expand your range?

Of course! In the very near future. Sign up to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook to be the first to know.


























What are your delivery hours?


LISEK is open from 7AM to 11PM. Everyday.


Do you really deliver grocery in 10 minutes? Is it possible?



And is it true that I can earn 10PLN by inviting friends to shop in LISEK?

Yes. Use your personal invite code (you can find it in the LISEK app by tapping “Invite friend” in the main menu). When one of your friends downloads LISEK app and places order using this personal code, you as well will get 10 PLN for your next order.






Do I have to be logged in to use your app?

You don’t have to be logged in to browse products in our app. But if you want to place an order you have to register and log into LISEK.

I’m in your delivery range but the app shows I’m not


There can be a couple of reasons.

  1. The location tracking is turned off on your phone. If that’s the case, please turn it on.

  2. Location tracking doesn’t work well. In that case set your location manually. Tap the address on the top of the home page and drag the pin to the right place (exactly like you do in other popular apps). You can also enter your address in your profile.

Can I order in LISEK to multiple delivery addresses?

Of course, until those addresses are in our range. You can manage all your addresses in your profile settings.

Can I order delivery to a different address when I’m out of LISEK’s delivery range?

Of course. Simply drag the pin to the desired location or set the address in your profile. Just remember, that you have to be logged in.



Can I pay cash?

No. LISEK is designed to be entirely cashless app. You can pay with credit card, debit card, bank transfer or Blik via secure payment system PayU.


What is minimal order value?

30 PLN

How much does LISEK delivery cost?

Delivery fee is 2.99PLN. For orders over 50PLN delivery is free.



Courier is late. What can I do?

You can call your courier – courier’s number is shown in the app – in your order status.

You can also contact our Customer Service by calling 509 526 508.


My order is missing an item

In that case you can wait for a courier to come back with your missing product or we can refund you the value of this item. Either way we are going to fix it the right way, right away!


I received expired / damaged product

You can report this to a courier or to our Customer Service. We are going to exchange this item or refund its value.


I didn’t like courier’s behaviour

Please contact our Customer Service. We value your opinion. And we strive to provide you the best LISEK experience.


I have technical problems with your app


Please check whether you have the newest version of our app. Update it if it’s possible. If that’s not the case, then please contact our Customer Service, by calling 509 526 508.

If you report a bug in LISEK.APP, you will receive a coupon for 10 PLN for your next shopping.

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